Track your technical debt with zero effort.

Team using Codehawk

Track your technical debt with zero effort.

Codehawk is a new tool that uses static analysis techniques to spot risky areas in your code. Instant insights plus regular data to enhance your teams productivity.

Unique measures

Codehawk measures your code's complexity, inter-dependencies and test coverage.

Instant insights

A single analysis against a repository will tell you the whole story of your project, straight up.

Focus on what's important

De-risk features and important pain points, streamlining your roadmap.

Combat problem areas.
Protect development time.

Using Codehawk's prioritization algorithm, you can avoid wasting time on bugs and rapidly address problems on existing codebases.

Unique data about your code.

Codehawk is the only tool that brings it all together for you - complexity, inter-dependencies and test coverage.


Codehawk's specially formulated and tested measure of complexity.


The vital context of how important your individual files are within a project.

Test coverage

An important consideration for any code.

So far

Codehawk has analyzed over 1,300,000 lines of code and provided dozens of valuable recommendations.


Individual analysis runs


Lines analyzed


Items actioned by teams

Last updated 30/10/19

How it works

At the core, Codehawk is a static analysis tool that breaks apart your code into operators, operands and inter-dependencies. Using this, we calculate complexity for each file, then look at how important each file is and how tested things are.

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At present, any dialect of JavaScript is supported, with support for other languages coming soon.

Create a project

Sign in to Codehawk, join or create an organisation then create a project.

Analyze your code

Run the Codehawk cli tool against your project, locally or in CI.

Get insights into your code

Unique and actionable data that pinpoints safe and risky areas.

See your risk areas instantly

A single analysis against your team's project could make all the difference to your roadmap and productivity.

Analyze a project